Web Design and Development

Basstrail Design has over 15 years of Web Design experience working with a large range of technology. All the work done here is from scratch, with our own expertise put into every project. We also work with standard Web Applications that are popular such as OS Commerce, Wrodpress, Joomla and other Content Management Systems and Shopping Carts. Our focus is to build the website to the customer's specifications and to meet their company's personality. You can't get that in a free template. We can also integrate your website's look and feel into your Email Marketing campaign.

We support any programming language, design style, Media and other technology to do with Web and Graphic Design. Of course we have our favorites that are the most cost effective and robust and all programming is done using standards in web technology.

We also focus on cross-browser and cross-platform development. There is nothing worse than a website that looks great in Firefox and looks like it was put in a blender when viewed in Internet Explorer. One day, all web browsers will go by the same standards, we hope. This is another reason to make sure you hire the right company to ensure your bsuiness looks professional regardless of what device they are browsing your site from.

Feel free to take a look at a few of our recent projects:

Creative Land Design - Design and development allowing the cusotmer to easily add news and their photos that updates both the slideshow and the Photo Gallery

All Pro Tint - Complete redesign and SEO optimization

Cape Cod BMX - Complete redesign and integration of WebControl Content Management System (CMS)

Billerica BMX - Complete redesign and integration of WebControl CMS

Services and Packages

Custom Web Design

Complete design from scratch, no templates are ever used in my office unless specified by the customer. Every site is built from blank text files, which can take a little longer but assures clean, extensible code. Graphics all created custom to allow easier modifications later.

Custom Website Design includes:

  1. Quality Design using the latest technologies
  2. Cross Browser and Cross Platform validation
  3. 5 Static Pages (ie. home, about, products, services, contact)
  4. Contact Page - Form to Email with CAPTCHA (prevents SPAM)
  5. Basic SEO - Advanced SEO services available

Custom Web Maintenance Tools - WebControl

WebControl is a custom CMS customized for each customer's needs and each site's features. WebControl is built using PHP and MySQL, and is a simplified version of many of the CMS systems on the web.

Why simplify? Because most of these CMS systems such as Wordpress and Drupal on the web have been created and are built to allow them to work with "everything". Sounds great right? Not really. Here are a few reasons to use a simplified CMS:

  1. Less scripts and files to load into every page decreasing page load time
  2. Customization is easier with less restrictions on the core
  3. Backend simplified to allow simple and fast site modifications
  4. Updatable without worrying about which "module" will fail to work
  5. Modules tailored to your business' specific needs and requirements

Basstrail Design is a small freelance company with reliable contacts in all aspects of web development and design. Almost all of the design and development is done in house, and occasional experts are brought in as needed for large project support, or to take on work when we are overloaded. All sub-contracted work is given to trusted and reliable freelancers within the continental US hand picked by the owner of the company.